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Product Code: RMHHBK

Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven

Hardback Book

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Product Code: RMHHBK

God wants you to know all about your eternal home so you can anticipate the future.

What happens when we die? Where do we go? Is there an afterlife? Does the Bible say anything specific about heaven? Are there streets of gold there? This book will answer those questions and tell you what’s up with heaven. By studying the Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation and studying a variety of topics, the curtain is pulled back—to the extent Scripture allows—to reveal the glorious and utterly amazing realm of heaven.

A Look Inside Revealing the Mysteries of Heaven...

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Product Code RMHHBK
Number of Pages 336
Number of Chapters 10
Cover Hardback
Dimensions 9.3 x 6.4
Publisher Turning Point
Copyright Date 2017
Features Sidebars with quotes about Heaven
Conclusion:Tough-Minded About Heaven
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The Jeremiah Study Bible
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